Networkx  is our Career Services Program and job posting site. Employers are  welcome to log on, post jobs and follow the application process. As an alternative, if you are uncomfortable creating an account with Networkx, you can fill out this form and we can post a job announcement on Networkx for you. It will expedite the process, however, if you use Networkx directly.

This form should be completed for any event sponsored by a law school student group. The purpose of the form is to coordinate calendaring of events to avoid conflict with another event. Events will be calendared and room reservations made on a first come first serve basis. Events confirmed will be posted on the School of Law Calendar. 

Required: Before completing this form, you must check the law school calendar to verify room availability and potential conflicts. Once you have a tentative date planned, complete the following request form to secure your date.

UM Blewett School of Law